Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Traffic Flows Both Ways

Our Montgomery County friend over at the Just Up the Pike blog recently put together a list of "68 things I love about east county (part two)" that included these observations:

Merriweather Post Pavilion. Some of the biggest names in music/comedy/whatever have performed just ten minutes away from home - and, unlike those suckers in Howard County, we don't have to deal with the traffic from it.

Columbia Pike/Colesville Road/Route 29. Dr. Gridlock joked that it's becoming "95-Lite" because of the new interchanges on it, but says it's still a better bet than 95 if you're heading downtown.

We would just like to add that some of us HoCo suckers are happy to accommodate the occasional Merriweather crowd in exchange for the hospitality MoCo-ites extend us every day as we pass through their fair county on 95-lite. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Altho I would have to say Merriweather traffic is never really that bad. Plus, any true Columbian knows at least eight different ways to get around that area without coming in contact with the crowded masses.