Friday, November 16, 2007

Scary Santa

Here at Columbia Talk, our favorite photo of our visit with the shopping mall Santa is young Talk's absolutely terrified look while spending time on Kris's lap. Sooo cute! Of course, at the time, his parents were not so pleased. They wanted the happy lad to pour out his hopes and dreams and revel in the wonderment of Christmas, all to be captured for the grandparents by the elves' cameras.

Ah, those were simple times.

Now, we have Santastic. Starting today, you just don't visit Santa at the mall, you walk through peppermint-scented falling snow, mail your letter to the North Pole, and try your luck on the Naughty or Nice meter, all before getting your chance to meet the big guy.

Wow. Now that's scary.

The mall parade to kick off the season starts at 5p tonight and Mr. Claus arrives around 5:30p, according to the schedule posted on the Web site. (Find the rest of the schedule here (pdf))


Walter Mitty said...

That actually scares me, too. Even the font of the word "Santastic" looks evil.

Digital Immigrant said...

Come on Columbia Talk. Full disclosure regarding your comments related to Christmas events requires that dear readers know you own a Santa hat emblazoned with "Bah Humbug!" And that Santa has left a nice letter and reindeer footprints by the fireplace in your house without fail for the past 16 years.