Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Officers Cleared In Teenager Shooting

The Sun reports that new county prosecutor Dario Broccolino has once again cleared police in a shooting case, concluding that the incident was an accident.

No charges will be filed against the undercover officer who accidentally shot two Jessup teenagers police suspected of dealing drugs in April, the Howard County state's attorney's office said yesterday.

About 5 p.m. April 7, undercover narcotics officers stopped two teenagers, Dwain Usery, who was 14 at the time, and Garcia Wilson, who was 15, in the 8300 block of Pleasant Chase Road in Jessup, police said. One of the officers, who was not named because of his undercover status, drew his gun to approach the boys. Police say the gun discharged as the officer tripped while getting out of his car, and a single bullet struck both boys. Wilson was grazed on the arm, and Usery was hit in the torso.

The Sun said the police department has yet to wrap up its internal investigation. Police chief William McMahon released this statement:

"It is reassuring that after a thorough, independent review of this case, the state's attorney's office determined that this shooting was unintentional.

"While we acknowledge that accidents do happen, we have reinforced with officers our expectation that they take every precaution to reduce the likelihood of this type of incident happening again."

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Anonymous said...

They weren't so reassured after the States Attorney decided not to file charges against the young woman who hit the officer on Rt. 32.

Funny, the double standard.