Thursday, August 28, 2008

HoCo SAT Scores Up

With one member of the Talk Team wrapping up his high school experience, we're thinking a lot about colleges these this comes as welcome news..

From HoCo schools:

Students in Howard County's Class of 2008 significantly outperformed their counterparts in Maryland and across the nation, according to SAT data released today by the College Board. The average scores for Howard County's 2008 graduates increased in all tested areas, while state and national scores showed very little change from 2007.

Howard's average score in Critical Reading increased three points from 537 to 540. In mathematics, the increase was one point, from 556 to 557. The highest jump was in writing, where Howard's average score increased by 7 points, from 537 to 544.

"We have become accustomed to our students scoring above state and national levels, but that does not mean we become complacent," says Superintendent Sydney Cousin. "Even though our scores are 38 to 50 points higher than the national scores, what is most impressive is we continue to see our scores increase. That is remarkable."

Nationally, scores remained constant at 502 for critical reading, 515 for math and 494 for writing.

Here's a WaPo link to results from other local systems.

And links to stories in the Sun and WaPo.

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