Monday, July 20, 2009

One Small Step For Us

MSNBC ran a wire story listing some of the technological advances to come out of NASA's space program, like Tang and freeze dried food.

Turns out there is a local tie-in:

Enriched baby formula: In the early 1980s, NASA conducted experiments with algae, to gauge how it might be used on long space flights involving humans to provide food, oxygen, or help with waste disposal. Scientists realized the algae could provide nutritional supplements, like two fatty acids previously found only in human milk. A Columbia, Md.-based company called Martek Biosciences Corp. formed in 1985. It developed life'sDHA and life'sARA, nutritional additives which are the same fatty acids found in human breast milk. The products are believed to help with mental and visual development. The company says its DHA is now found in more than 100 foods and drinks and about 99 percent of the baby formula sold in the United States.

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