Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Broadband For You

The Central Maryland group that sought to get a piece of $7.2 billion in stimulus funds set aside to extend the reach of broadband in the nation came away empty handed after the first round. HoCo was a member of the coalition, and county executive Ken Ulman was one of the champions.

Here's the Sun's account:

Jessica Schafer, a spokeswoman for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, said there were more than 1,800 applications, but just 58 awards in the first round. Another $2.6 billion is up for grabs in the second round, she said. A separate group of rural counties called the Maryland Broadband Co-op also failed to get any of the money in round one.

Ulman said his staff was taken aback since commerce officials called and e-mailed daily for more information or clarification of various points. The letter from Anthony G. Wilhelm, director of broadband technology, said the Central Maryland group reached the final stage in the awards.

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