Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Muck For CA

First the IT work bogged down, now this. The company CA hired to dredge Lake Elkhorn is now suing us for $1 million in a dispute over how much work has been done, ExploreHoward reports.

According to the suit, the homeowners' association failed to properly do the sediment surveys required before the work began and failed to determine how the mud has shifted during the work. Therefore, the company alleges that the association has no accurate way to measure how much mud has been removed. Further, the suit accused Columbia Association of refusing to discuss the issue or to respond beyond its refusal to pay for some of the work.

...Cynthia Coyle, chairwoman of the association's board, denied that the association has refused to discuss the dispute, saying that "discussion has been going on a regular basis."

The association board in August approved increasing the cost of the Elkhorn project by $1.3 million -- to $6.5 million -- after a consultant told the board that much more sediment than predicted had washed into the lake from heavy storms since an early survey taken in 2006.

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