Friday, April 6, 2012


Is it me?

When the preeminent developer of downtown Columbia can't find a tenant for a Frank Gehry building on the lakefront, and the creative ideas for the place include a company headquarters, offices or a "a grocer on the first floor with a fitness center facing the lake below and an event center above" (Columbia Flier: Howard Hughes No Longer in Talks with Whole Foods), that says something about this place.

No one seems to want to be here anymore.

Mrs. Talk and I venture to Clyde's every now and then and it is such a pleasant experience. We never have to worry about finding a parking spot right in the front row by the fountain, and the ambiance around the pond is so .... quiet.

It got me thinking back when I returned to town in the 1990s after going off the college. All my young friends complained about the lack of things to do.

They have all since moved to the city.


Tom Coale (HCR) said...

Whoa. Shot across the bow.

Hopefully we started to turn this ship in time to avoid the iceberg of decline. I doubt anyone would disagree with your analysis, but Columbia is still very much alive with room to grow. If you had crossed 175 to the Mall, parking would have been much more of an issue. "The Mall guys won" -- the first battle.

Thanks for the kick in the butt. This town needs it.

JP said...

I agree that it's a little worrying. I was recently in a suburb of Charlotte and the contrast was remarkable. They had a vibrant outdoor shopping area with a playground (which was packed), stores, and a live band. I wonder why I never see such things in Columbia.