Sunday, June 3, 2007

40 Seconds of Fame For a Meeting Room

Here's a curious article: the Sun profiles the Spear Center, a meeting room in the General Growth Properties building (or is it the old Rouse building?). The piece recounts many happy memories from the days when it was one of the chief gathering places in town, a fact Columbia Talk can attest to having played bartender to a function or two :)

Apparently Rouse shut down the room to community groups in 1998 and General Properties is beginning to open the place up to select nonprofit types again.

It's also a General Properties vice president, Barbara Nicklas, who is leading the event committee for Columbia's 40th birthday celebration

Are we seeing the stirrings of General Properties getting the old band back together?

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FreeMarket said...

Looks like it. A local non-profit group had a birthday remembrance for Jim Rouse in the Spear Center this April.