Friday, June 29, 2007

Girl Scout Bike Power

Two senior Girl Scouts in Troop 1874 totally put our little bike map project to shame...Check out what they've done in Harper's Choice..

Here's what they say about their accomplishment:

"For our Gold Award Project, we decided to put the bike trails of Harper’s Choice online. To do this, we traveled on the trails and took pictures along the way. Using a GPS device, we were able to get the coordinates of various spots on the paths. We feel that this is an important addition to the Harper’s Choice Community website. It will allow people to print a detailed trail map and look up information about tot lots, pools, and schools that are accessible along the pathway. We hope that the Harper's Choice Bike Site will help people to become more aware of the trails and encourage them to use the pathway system in Harper's Choice and broader Columbia." -- Lizzi and Jessica

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Young at Heart said...

Wow! That is impressive! Lizzi and Jessica (I don't know them, but wish I did) put together a great tool--creative and useful. They sure showed us...ahem...older folk the way it should be done. CA should hire them to do each village.