Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let Em Play

Sign of the times: They canceled a JV football scrimmage today at Oakland Mills because of the threat of "high temperatures" and did the same for a boys soccer game away at Liberty High School because of "wet grounds."

Once it was a rite of passage to slog through the dog days of August, a joy to play on a muddy field. No wonder kids are turning to computers....they can do that 24-7.

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John B. said...

I think that cancelling due to a wet field is kind of silly (although I do remember getting a nicely twisted ankle during a swampy soccer practice), but the heat thing I can get behind.

There've been a number of heat-stroke related deaths of high-school and college atheletes as they trained for their Fall season during August.

Getting your uniform dirty and sliding around in the mud is one thing. Putting your health on the line for practice? That's another.

My two-cents.

John B.