Friday, August 17, 2007

Sneakin' Water

Howard County has cited 828 people for violating the ban on weekend water use, according to a story in the Examiner. None of them have been fined but one resident, who was caught four times using a sprinkler, was close to having his water shut off.

"He saw the light," Jeff Mozal, operations manager in the Bureau of Utilities told the newspaper.

The county imposed to ban to ease the pressure on the water system as it repairs a big water main. The restrictions are supposed to end soon.

No doubt just in time for the start of hurricane season and the end of our drought.

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Anony-sneak said...

My beloved mama is a brazen HoCo water sneak and law breaker. I like to think of her as a noble outlaw, though, as she uses a drip method to water her mostly organic vegetable garden and would never deign to water her lawn in a Central Maryland summer. But I do fear that she could be due a citation; hence, my anony-name. ;-)