Wednesday, April 9, 2008

UDPATE: Shooting In Wilde Lake

UPDATE: As the comments suggest, the victim died of his wounds. The Examiner said police were investigating whether anyone involved might have come from the Crown gas station nearby. A witness said he saw four men in their early 20s at the station moments earlier. One filled a can of gasoline and the group left to take the fuel to a car.

Detectives took the surveillance tape from the Crown gas station and dusted the station door and one of the gas pumps for fingerprints.....

Police questioned and released at least one of the men who was with Adams at the time of the shooting.

Here's the release from the HoCo pd:

Howard County Police are investigating a homicide that occurred at 11:25 this morning in the area of the Wilde Lake Village Center in Columbia. A Howard County police officer at a nearby gas station heard gunshots and saw a witness running toward him for help. The officer ran to the victim to render aid and called for medical assistance.

The victim, 20-year-old Bryan Antoine Adams, Jr., of Suffield Ct. in Columbia, was transported by ambulance from the scene in the 10400 block of Twin Rivers Road to Howard County General Hospital. Adams died at the hospital as arrangements were being made to transport him to Shock Trauma.

Police are searching for a man seen running from the scene. He has been described as a black male in his late teens with a medium build, approximately 5 ft. 9 in. tall, wearing sneakers and dark clothing. Police are actively searching for this subject utilizing patrol officers in vehicles and on foot, as well as K-9 units.

Anyone who sees someone matching this description or has any additional information about this incident is urged to call 911.

Here's the Sun's latest account, which has background on the victim. Adams was a recent Wilde Lake grad.

Adams was recently unemployed and trying to find his way, friends said yesterday afternoon. A 2-year-old son of his died in 2004, and he was having a difficult time coping, they said.....

Sean Thompson, 21, said she knew Adams for years in school, and he wasn't the type to look for trouble.

"He was nice, relaxed, laid back," she said. "He was just to himself. This is crazy."

Adams had faced criminal charges in recent years but had not been convicted of any crimes, according to court records. A 2006 marijuana possession charge had been placed on the inactive docket, as was a second-degree assault charge from that year, according to records.

A drug possession charge from last year and a robbery charge from 2006 were dismissed, records show.

Here's the original post:

From the Sun:

A 20-year-old man was shot this morning in the area of the Wilde Lake village center in Columbia, Howard County police said, and police are now searching for a teenager who was spotted running from the scene.

Police said the victim, who has life-threatening injuries, was shot on the sidewalk near the Melting Pot restaurant in the 10000 block of Twin Rivers Road. He was taken to Howard County General Hospital in Columbia, then taken by helicopter to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore


Anonymous said...

The young man, Brian Adams, has died of his wounds.

Anonymous said...

thts ttly scary i was at wilde lake middle school in class but i didnt know the guy died...thts so sad.

Greg said...

the FBI busted a neighbor of mine in Long Reach this morning. could be related? he's not a 20 year old though, probably late 30s

Anonymous said...

How is the police description at all helpful? I mean, geez, what are the chances of any teen - black or white- wearing sneakers and dark clothing?

Anonymous said...

this is a damn shame. i think, as a black person who wants better for my fellow black people, shouldn't be shooting each other in neighborhood where the majority of people are white!

Anonymous said...

Byran was a wonderful, strong, caring, strong black man. He loved his son that he just recently lost. Viewers that have seen the news may thingk this was drug related or something of that nature. IT WAS NOT, it was wrong a wrong place at the wrong time situation. He was a good person and this is a great loss to everybody. Heaven just opened there gates to another angel. Rest in peace.