Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Health Care On The Cheap

WaPo has an update on HoCo's initiative to offer medical coverage to uninsured residents for a little as $50 a month.

So far, 1,200 county residents say they plan to enroll; officials are limiting the effort to 2,200 for the first year.

For one month, beginning tomorrow, county residents can sign up for the program, which will provide as many as six visits a year to primary-care doctors (women will receive an additional OB/GYN visit under the program), free in-patient hospital care, mental health care, discount prescriptions and other services that would probably cost thousands of dollars if participants had to pay out of pocket. Those enrolled will also be assigned coaches to help them work out personal health plans.

The county and private foundations will pitch in money, and local doctors will provide free or reduced cost services to help keep fees within reach for those currently uninsured.

According to the paper, a single person with an income at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level would pay about $50 a month; a couple with a family income up to 300 percent of the poverty level would pay about $115. For an additional $1.65 a month, they can also buy coverage for basic dental care.

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