Friday, September 26, 2008

River Hill Gets Everything First

OK, maybe not everything, but the village is one of Columbia's first to receive those big rolling recycling bins. With seemingly everything costing more these days, we're looking forward to getting something for free. Here's a link to when you can expect yours.

From a River Hill Village e-mail list:

Recycle bins have been distributed in the Village of River Hill. Single family homes- 65 gallon wheeled carts, townhomes with garage-35 gallon wheeled carts, and townhomes without garage-18 gallon open-top bins. Please store these bin so that they cannot be seen from the street or from adjacent and surrounding properties, other than on collection day. You may exchange your cart or bin for another size by calling 410-313-6444 or send an email request to Regardless of the size that you choose the bins/carts convey with the property.


Doug S said...

These landed in Wilde Lake this morning. They're a LOT bigger than I expected.

I'm really happy about being able to mix the different recyclables- it makes it easier to recycle and I hope that people take it to heart.

Anonymous said...

$$ talks...the power of the county is also concentrated in this highly conservative district

Bottom line...don't hate

Anonymous said...

If you think that those bins are free, you have a very poor understanding of how government spending and taxation work.

Anonymous said...

I think you should check your facts. Kings Contrivance got their bins a week before River Hill.

Columbia Talk said...

To anonymous 1 re: don't hate: Hey, some of my best friends live in River Hill.

To anonymous 2 re: my poor understanding: If we didn't get our "free" bins, do you really think my taxes would be lower?

To anonymous 3 re: Kings Contrivance: Thanks for the correx.