Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WL's Dead Fish Toll Hits 2,000

From CA:

The Columbia Association (CA) has been working with the Maryland Department of the Environment and the community on the fish kill at Wilde Lake. It was first reported to CA on May 6, and for the past 2 weeks CA has removed an estimated 2,000 fish from the lake. As CA reported on May 8, 2009, CA contacted the Maryland Department of the Environment fish kill response team and met with a representative at Wilde Lake on May 7. Water quality was assessed and did not indicate that there was an acute water quality problem. A fish sample was taken back to a MDE lab for analysis and indicated the sample fish had a gill fluke (parasite) and Saprolegnia (a fungal infection), both commonly found in freshwater.

Likely stressors to the fish population that contributed to the fish kill at Wilde Lake this spring are population stress (crowding), spawning stress and/or sudden temperature change. When fish undergo these types of stressors, they are more susceptible to bacteria, fungus and parasites.

Field reports on 5/20/09 reveal that the event appears to be concluding; however, CA will continue to monitor the lake for any changes.

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