Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breakfast At The Movies

Breakfast is supposed to be the day's most important meal but apparently not if you are the movie-going type.

Columbia's AMC Theater is testing out the idea of serving pastries and such at their early shows -- offering food and drink combinations for $5, according to this story in the Maryland Daily Record.

The story quoted several patrons who passed on the offering, preferring to stick with their popcorn and Coke. One who tried it was unimpressed.

John Clutts, 50, from Columbia bought a cinnamon roll and apple juice combo Saturday morning, but, he said, “I got it primarily for the apple juice.”

If the theater is looking to add breakfast, Clutts said he would recommend having healthier options, such as fresh fruit.

“These things are pretty junky,” he said, holding up the pastry.

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