Monday, August 31, 2009

Did Robinsons Want A Nature Center?

The Sun has an intriguing story about the deal leading to the new nature center being constructed in the Middle Patuxent environmental area.

While the project may mark a triumph for Ulman's effort to make Howard County a leader in environmental progress, there is an undercurrent of hurt feelings among the scattered members of Robinson's extended family, who recently learned about the groundbreaking from a local friend but have decided not to attend. Several wonder whether Robinson would have wanted such a large, active center on her land.

The piece raises more questions than it answers, but several of the details are curious nonetheless.


Scottish Heir said...

The tragic events for this family is well written between the lines. Hats off to the author. The Maryland Attorney General should do the right thing and thoroughly examine the entire history of what happened, and call the family to testify as well as the State Senator and State Representative, Howard County executive(s), the convicted felon, the CPA, et al) and review all events and incidents that transpired.

Anonymous said...

What horrible garbage! I bet Kurt Robinson is paying Larry Carson a lot of money to write such inaccurate trash.

Scottish Heir,
Before attempting to persecute all of those people, do a little investigation of those people mentioned and you'll understand how off this entire thing is.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like "a little investigation" is what Scottish Heir is asking the AG to do.