Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tot Lots On Chopping Block

We spent many, many, many hours at the neighborhood tot lot when the Talk Team was tiny. There is nothing like sitting on a swing on a summer day. But then again these are new times...apparently, according to this story on the Sun's ExploreHoward blog

By eliminating 35 of Columbia’s 171 tot lots, about four a year for the next 10 years, the organization would reduce on maintenance costs for playgrounds no longer in great demand, said Rob Goldman, CA’s chief operating officer.

“Many of our tot lots, based on the changing demographics of our community, are never used or rarely used,” Goldman told residents and members of CA’s Board of Directors at a budget presentation Wednesday.

The high school locks up its fields. The county builds these indoor playdomes. You have to have a permit for this or a reserved time for that. More and more, it seems, the world wants us to just stay indoors.

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