Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuition Hike Looms At HCC

Everywhere we turn, folks are talking about charging more it seems. Now it is Howard Community College, where the administration is proposing a $2-a-credit tuition hike, according to the Sun.

The proposed tuition increase would keep Howard's rate the highest in Maryland, though slightly under Montgomery College's if fees are included. Howard charges $114 per credit in tuition, with $19 per credit in fees. Montgomery charges $102 per credit in tuition, but adds $34 per credit in fees. Harford Community College is the state's cheapest for students, at $77 per credit with $9 added in fees.

[HCC's vice president for finance, Lynn Coleman] pointed out that $14 of the current $114 per credit tuition pays for scholarships for needy students and debt on new buildings.

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