Monday, April 19, 2010

CA's New Prez

The Sun offers up an assessment of Phil Nelson's start as CA president. We have to echo some of the observations; it seems to the outsider he is sorta anonymous compared to his predecessors. But we've always said HoCo seems to like low-key, don't-rock-the-boat leaders. Woe to anyone who would want to actually shake up suburbia.

The big, quiet, 60-year-old Midwesterner with the soft voice....

"He is no social butterfly,"

"He's the definition of an introvert"

Here's how Nelson explains his style:

"It's part of my nature. I like to listen a lot more than I like to talk," he said, joking about his personality as part of his Norwegian heritage. He keeps a notepad handy, and writes down things people say and do that give clues to where they want to go. When the time is right, he offers a suggestion. His goal was to learn the organization from the ground up, he said, not try to impose some preconceived new structure. "That backfires," he said he's learned over the years.

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Anonymous said...

Low-key gets him a $12,500 bonus plus small pay raise. Not bad.