Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just The Good News, Please

This popped up in our Google-catcher this week, a new site called the Village Connector that said it will devote itself only to the good news of Howard.

Our goal with the Village Connector is to collaborate with community members to write the news ourselves instead of allowing the source of news to be consolidated into any single entity.

We also focus on the positive edifying things that are going on in our communities and limit exposure to contentious, controversial topics that divide communities. To the extent that we deal with difficult issues we do so in a way that is solution oriented without judgment or being opinionated, but rather presenting issues in a way that serves the community.

The mission may have something to do with the folks behind the site:

Charter Members are local business owners who hold a special status here at Village Connector because their investment in this project is what allowed us to bring the newspaper to your community.

It's a laudable goal, uniting communities, but hard to see how that happens if one avoids the contentious. But, whoa, we need to purge the negative. In the spirit of its launch, we think it is only good news when more coverage joins the Interwebs.

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