Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Ticket Reserved For Them

HoCo PD, working with state officials, issued a dozen tickets this week to people who parked improperly in spaces reserved for the disabled, according to the Flier.

During the crackdown, an MVA representative approached drivers pulling into or leaving a handicapped space and checked to see if their placard was registered to someone in the car. If not, a police officer would issue a citation.

The citation fee for parking in a handicapped space without a placard is $350. Citations for using someone else’s placard carry a $130 fine, police said.

Placards are confiscated after a ticket is issued, police said.

“What’s most disappointing in these details ... the violators that we’ve been encountering are those who are improperly using a family member’s handicapped placard,” said police Maj. Gary Gardner, who oversees enforcement efforts.

“Of all people, those individuals should have a better understanding of the frustration disabled people have in locating parking close to a shopping center. If their conscience doesn’t stop them then we hope to by using our enforcement and issuing citations, so hopefully the pocketbook will have an impact.”

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