Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleaning Up Dirty Dancing

Granted, we never quite mastered the Macarena, Hustle or Electric Slide. But whooo boy, what the young kids are doing today.

Actually, we're not so much surprised. A couple years back, we found ourselves blushing at some of the homecoming pictures posted on one high school's Web site (and it wasn't a Columbia school).

But Centennial High School Principal Carl Perkins is trying to put his foot down. He's come up with a series of guidelines for do's and don'ts of appropriate behavior. Here's ABC Channel 2's take:

Concerned about the dance moves showcased at a recent back to school dance, the school came up with a list of guidelines for this weekend's homecoming dance. Many students don't understand what the fuss is about.

The dance guidelines include rules like:

- no wrapping legs around others

- no humping

- no forceful thrusting

- no freak trains

- no removal of clothing

Removal of clothing?


Freemarket said...

And above all: No one puts Baby in a corner!!

Suzy Woodhead said...

So Glad to see a principal take a stand and set down rules on dancing at school functions. I have two teenage boys who have both commented that the dirty dancing makes them very uncomfortable. Gold stars for Principal Perkins.