Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Recycling Rules

We can now toss more stuff into the blue bins.

From HoCo PR:

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Ken Ulman today announced that the County’s new wheeled recycling carts and bins can now be filled with additional plastic, aluminum and waxed cardboard products. This includes common household items such as plastic yogurt tubs, lawn furniture and flower pots, aluminum foil and pie plates, milk and juice cartons, and much more. Residents can also recycle bags filled with plastic bags as long as the bag is tied shut. A postcard describing all of the new recycling options will be mailed to every Howard County residence that receives Recycling Collection Service.

“Recycling is good for the environment, and recycling continues to make good financial sense as well,” said Ulman.

Also, previously used plastic trash cans and recycling bins may now be picked up at curbside recycling. However, they may need to be labeled so the Recycling Collection Service knows to recycle the can or bin.

As of October 2, approximately 22,000 homes thus far have received either a cart or bin; 16,663 65-gallon carts and 5,332 18-gallon bins have already been delivered (the 35-gallon carts arrived in the County on October 3 and are now in the early stages of delivery). Deliveries will continue until completed in December. Residents will receive a door hanger at their home approximately one to two weeks prior to the cart or bin delivery. Residents can find out when their home should receive their recycling cart or bin by going to and clicking on the link for the interactive map.

The County recently began delivering new recycling carts to residents county-wide with a total of 71,351 bins and carts to be delivered this fall. A total of 52,389 single-family homes will receive 65-gallon carts; 13,151 townhomes with garages will receive 35-gallon carts; and 5,811 townhomes without garages will receive 18-gallon bins. After receiving a bin or a cart residents may call (410) 313-6444 to request an exchange or a removal. Residents may still bag their recycling and then place the bags inside their bin or cart. Bagging recyclables can be useful in neighborhoods that use bins, particularly on windy days.

For more information about the County’s recycling program, visit the Bureau of Environmental Services’ Web page or call them at (410) 313-6444.

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