Friday, October 24, 2008


The Rouse, er General Growth, watch continues. And we thought our 401(k) performance was bad:

General Growth's stock price on March 23, 2007: $67.00

General Growth's stock price on June 5, 2008: $42.22

General Growth's stock price at 12:26p on Friday: $2.36 (down 16 percent so far today)

UPDATE: GG's stock price at the end of the day: $2.17 -- a decline of 96.8 percent since March.

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B. Santos said...


While General Growth is by far leading the parade for shopping center REIT stock declines, check out Simon Properties, Kimco, Cedar Shopping Centers, and many others. Most are down over 50% from a year ago, and all hit 52 week lows within the last four days.