Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Voters Speak

Wow. It's Obama by a landslide -- 59.51 percent to 38.62 percent, according to results posted on the Board of Elections Web site. We thought we were seeing Columbia results, not all of HoColand, where tastes used to run a tad more conservative. Remember when this was a Republican county?

See what people told Sun/Flier/ExploreHoward here.

The fourth time is the charm for attorney Allen Dyer, 61, who wins a seat on the school board, joining Janet Siddiqui and Ellen Flynn Giles. We're guessing he'll mix things up, judging from his tussles with the board in the past (he once unsuccessfully sued the board over alleged violations to the state's public meeting laws).

For one Republican's view, see Hedgehog's take on the local elections here.

And, judging by the results, HoCo likes slots by a 57-43 percent margin.

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Anonymous said...

Have all the HoCo absentee ballots been counted?