Saturday, November 8, 2008

WR Grace Puts Land Up For Sale

The chemical giant, moving closer to finally emerging from a prolonged, seven-year bankruptcy slumber, is looking to sell 66 acres surrounding its headquarters, according to this Baltimore Business Journal story.

We used to bound around the property back the in day, when we had a summer job caring for what seemed like billions of sugar cane plants inside an enormous greenhouse. At the time, the company was experimenting with ways to make the plants produce more sugar. What we remember is slowly walking the rows, precisely watering each plant and recording what we did, the summer heat inside that greenhouse just stifling. Once we were finished hitting each plant with a splash, it was time to start all over again for a second watering.

Maybe that's where we lost our enthusiasm for science. :)

Later, at WaPo, we revisited WR Grace after it announced plans to stop mowing much of its broad lawns in an environmental gesture. The reporting excursion was an excuse to tromp around the property again and see all sort of wildlife. The place was a little treasure.

Primo land like that, off Route 32 between River Hill and Hickory Ridge, once would have been snatched up in a jiffy, but does anyone have the finances to grab it anymore?

Stay tuned.

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