Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Downtown Details

The council adjusted the plan for downtown as part of its unanimous vote this week.

For one, it decided instead of mandating that at least 15 percent of the housing units be reserved for people who cannot afford to pay the going rate, the developers kick in millions to a housing trust fund.

Supporters said the kitty would give them more flexibility to come up with creative ways to provide affordable housing.

Also, in a nod to the CA-GGP feud, the future "Merriweather" neighborhood is now called the "Merriweather-Symphony Woods" neighborhood. Rolls right off the tongue.

The plan now formally calls for the construction of a new pathway connecting the future Blandair Park east of Route 29 with downtown and then continuing to HoCo General Hospital. There was also talk about encouraging the development of a conference center downtown.

All in all, the final vote was fascinating in one respect. There was almost no speechifying. It was as if Council members were too exhausted by the process to say much more than thanks to everyone who participated.

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Anonymous said...

They were exhausted by placating a well informed citizenry. This decision was a done-deal before citizens uttered word one. Know that.