Monday, February 15, 2010

Where Should Sonic Go?

The bank approved your loan to bring a Sonic to Columbia. You are a hero to all your friends. HoCo exec Ulman and Courtney are tweeting. HoCoMoJo has secured the online video rights. Tale of Two Cities wants you to appear on his radio show. HowChow has created a Facebook page in your honor.

But now the hard part, where do you put it? Wilde Lake and Oakland Mills have some big empty lots but, like a lot of village centers, they are sorta off the beaten path. Oh, if only we in Oakland Mills had that new bridge linking us to town center!

In fact, we are hard pressed to think of many spots in the middle of Columbia. Perhaps over by Howard High, where the old Columbia Palace theater used to be would make a good spot...but that's edge city. And please don't put it by I-95.

If ever there was a chance for GGP to really show its chops -- and the potential for downtown -- the future is now.


B. Santos said...

the Wilde Lake Village Center.

melaniet42 said...

How about the former Krispy Kreme on Snowden? It's got a drive through!