Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dining on the Web

I tripped across a dining roundup on this site while surfing around; it professes to list only locally owned and operated restaurants in and around Columbia. It's a good start for a list but don't take the "local" claim too literally; for instance, Clyde's is counted but it is really part of a Washington restaurant chain. Then again, Clyde's is one of this town's oldest surviving restaurants so maybe it deserves honorary recognition.

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Miss Newburn said...

HocoLoco Girl blog administrator here. Thanks for posting aboutt this site. And thanks for showing me the "missing link" re the definition of local restaurants. I moved that info into a webpage just for restaurant owners, but see that there is value in putting it back on the site.

The site, in general, is in a state of getting tweaked, at the moment.

But, for the record,

Defining “Locally owned and operated” Posted 12 Apr

The underlying purpose of this site includes helping locally owned restaurants thrive and keeping local money local. Franchised operations and national chains will not be listed here: with one exception: If the franchise owner works on in an on-site, day-to-day management capacity at the restaurant, I will post the listing.

Establishments, such as Clyde’s and Trapeze, owned by regional restaurant groups will be listed. As will “local chains,” such as Donna’s.