Thursday, April 19, 2007

Get Ready For Some New Neighbors

The realignment of military bases around the country is projected to bring up to 22,000 new jobs to the Fort Meade area, pushing up home sales and filling schools with new kids, according to this Post story:

"A recent state study estimated that Anne Arundel and Howard would gain more than 12,000 federal and private-sector jobs as part of the reorganization bringing military workers to Fort Meade. Howard officials, however, say the number could be almost twice that, with jobs projected for the nearby National Security Agency, other defense-related organizations and businesses leasing property at Fort Meade.

"We are saying from the planning standpoint in that area on Fort Meade, there's going to be 22,000 new jobs," said Kent Menser, executive director of Howard's Base Realignment And Closure office.

The Post story says the influx "has been billed as the single largest job expansion in Maryland since World War II: 45,000 federal and private-sector jobs generated by the Pentagon's base realignment plan [throughout the state].

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