Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Students Win Voting Rights--Sort Of

Maryland lawmakers have approved a bill to give the student member of the school board voting rights, assuming Gov. Martin O'Malley signs off on the bill. There's some exceptions, according to the Sun:

"If O'Malley signs the bill into law, the next student member on the board would be allowed to vote on everything except site acquisitions, condemnation, consolidation, architect selection, appointment and salary of the superintendent, collective bargaining issues, employee discipline and other appeals, appointments, the capital and operating budgets, and student suspensions and expulsions.

"The bill also addresses how the student member would affect the voting dynamic of the [eight-member] board. When the student member votes, five votes would be necessary to pass an item; four votes would be needed without the student member. The bill states that juniors and seniors who live in the county and attend a public school are eligible for the position. It also states that students enrolled in the system's middle or high schools will vote to fill the position."

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