Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arrest In Running Brook

from the police dept...

Police Charge Man in Two Columbia Homicides

Howard County Police charged a Columbia man last night with two murders committed in less than a month. Charles David Richardson, 23, of 5218 Brook Way, was charged with the April 26 homicide of Alevtina Zhilina, 40, at a 7-Eleven store and the May 21 homicide of Trae Allen, 19, in a Columbia townhouse. Richardson was taken into custody without incident yesterday during a traffic stop in Ellicott City.

In the most recent case, investigators learned that a group of people, including Richardson and Allen, had gathered at Richardson’s home the evening of May 20 into the early morning hours of May 21. It was at this location that Allen’s body was later discovered after police received a tip that he had been injured in the house. Detectives located and interviewed witnesses who identified Richardson as the person who shot and killed Allen.

Richardson has been charged with first and second degree murder, first and second degree assault, reckless endangerment and handgun violations in Allen’s death.

While investigating the Allen murder, police received information from a citizen who had overheard Richardson taking responsibility for the murder of Zhilina in a 7-Eleven store. A second citizen, an acquaintance of Richardson’s, also reported to police that Richardson had claimed responsibility for that crime. The citizens’ identities are being withheld for their safety.

In the Zhilina murder, Richardson is charged with first degree murder, manslaughter, second degree assault, attempted robbery and handgun violations.

Evidence from both crime scenes is being analyzed by forensic investigators.

Also charged last night were Kenneth Wayne Sledd, 19, of 6801 Pyramid Way in Columbia, and William Richardson, 22, Charles Richardson’s brother, of 538 Peacock Drive in Landover. Both were in the car with Charles Richardson at the time of the traffic stop. Sledd was charged with aiding and assisting Charles Richardson after Allen’s murder by helping Richardson clean his clothing. A bleach-soaked shirt was found in the car during the traffic stop. William Richardson was charged with possession of marijuana.


Editors’ Note: Police Chief William McMahon will be available to answer media questions at 1 p.m. today at Police Headquarters, 3410 Court House Drive, Ellicott City.

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