Thursday, May 31, 2007

Clean Air?

Starting tomorrow the county's ban on smoking in bars and restaurants takes effect, according to this Sun story. You can't even smoke within 15 feet of the entrance (unless you happen to be in Ellicott City, where the sidewalks are apparently too narrow).

Which is a good thing since the air outside is not looking so swell. Today marks the first time this year the region is under Code Orange, which means ozone levels are predicted to be extremely high and air quality very low, not so good for people with sensitive respiratory systems.

And while we are on the weather, wouldn't you know it? As soon as the county imposes restrictions on the use of water because of water main problems, the rain goes away. Here's an item from the Sun's weather blog:

May 30, 2007

Fourth-driest May?

There's a chance we could see a pop-up thunderstorm today or tomorrow. But it's not very likely. If there's nothing before May runs out at midnight tomorrow, this month will rank as the 4th driest May on record for Baltimore.

You can sure see it in our suburban lawns. They're as brown as August. And stream flows, especially in the western half of the state, are running well below normal for this time of year.

Normal May rainfall at BWI is 3.89 inches. Here are the driest four Mays for Baltimore:

1986: 0.37 inch

1964: 0.43 inch

1957: 0.55 inch

2007: 0.94 inch

The forecast shows a rising likelihood for thunderstorms from Friday through the weekend. But that will come too late to bail out this very dry month of May.

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The Speeker said...

Bail us out of a dry month? If we had to bail, there'd be no drought problem. :)