Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hold the H20

From the public works dept.....

Mandatory Water Restrictions Take Effect May 18th

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Director of Public Works Jim Irvin today announced that repairs to a major water delivery main in Baltimore County are not yet complete, and it will be necessary for Howard County to put a mandatory outdoor water ban into effect beginning Friday, May 18.

The Baltimore County water main delivers a significant amount of drinking water to Howard County. Loss of this key water supply continues to reduce Howard County’s ability to meet the additional demand outdoor water use places on the system during warm summer months. In addition, outdoor water restrictions ensure that adequate water supply and pressure are available for basic customer service, especially emergency fire protection. Residents with PRIVATE WELLS ARE NOT AFFECTED by these mandatory restrictions.

The outdoor ban will be in effect all day on holidays and weekends beginning at 6 p.m. on Fridays and continuing until midnight on Sundays.


During restricted days and hours YOU MAY NOT …

• Water lawns

• Wash paved or outdoor surfaces and structures such as streets, roads, sidewalks, driveways, decks, patios, parking areas, tennis courts or vehicles

• Use sprinklers and other automatic watering devices for purposes of irrigation and watering of gardens, landscaped areas, trees, shrubs, and other outdoor plants

• Use water for any non-recycling ornamental purposes such as outdoor waterfalls, misting machines and reflective pools

• Use power washers

• Use water for non-commercial washing or cleaning of mobile equipment including automobiles, trucks, trailers and boats

• Fill or top off swimming pools, unless newly constructed or repaired

During Restricted time YOU MAY …

• Water your garden and house plants or shrubs with buckets, watering cans or a hand-held hose with automatic shutoff type nozzle

• Have your car washed at a commercial car wash

Representatives of the Department of Public Works will enforce these mandatory water use restrictions. Penalties for violating outdoor water restrictions may result in termination of service. The restrictions apply to approximately 66,000 customer accounts in the eastern half of the county.

For more information on water use restrictions, residents may call the Howard County Water Restriction Information Line at (410)313-4949 or the Bureau of Utilities at (410)313-4900.

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