Saturday, May 26, 2007

Going Green: What Is The Meaning of Life?

Earlier this week, WaPo published a survey showing that gas prices would have to rise to $4.38 before people cut back on their driving.

Hayduke wrote that he supports raising prices $1 in the form of a carbon tax, saying we have long failed to pay the true cost of fuel.

Jesse chimed in declaring that gas prices have been low for too long.

A question: If gas prices soar, whither Columbia, the suburb of Baltimore and Washington?

What would sustain it?

Office and condo towers?

More mass transit?

Wind farms? Nuclear energy? Organic farming?

What is the vision?

Who makes it happen?


Robin Abello said...

A combination of wind and solar would be good but I'm not sure we have a spot in Columbia that would be good enough for a wind farm. I've seen them out in California and those are typically situated in very windy spots high up on the hills. They're also doing this in the midwest in wide open fields. See my note about solar energy and how some communities have made them viable.

Cosmos said...

Rouse had stated that one of his biggest failures was mass transit. It would be great if there was some sort of mass transit or eco-friendly alternative in Columbia that people would use. One of the problems is that people's mindsets need to change. It is still way too easy to get in the car and run to the mall or to a friends house and 99.9% of us are guilty of that.

Any suggestions??