Friday, October 26, 2007

But Will The Nurses Be On Roller Skates?

The Flier says HoCo will be offering free flu shots to anyone who drives up to a county clinic at the Gateway Business Park on Nov. 4.

They'll poke you while you are sitting in your car!

"The event is designed to both deliver flu vaccines to residents and test the county's capabilities during an emergency event, such as a 'bird flu' outbreak," the newspaper says in this story.

A flu-shot drive-in reminds us of the days when it was a really family event to head up to the local Tops and order some burgers, fries and root beer and eat in the car. We know that sounds old hat to folks today, who not only eat in their car but talk on the phone, send e-mail, fix their makeup and such but it was a big event for a 9-year-old alllllll those years ago.

Details for the vaccine event can be found here.

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