Friday, October 12, 2007

Hollywood on the Patuxent

It's beginning to dawn on us that we might have a budding video industry forming here.

First, we learned that HBO had been shooting scenes of "The Wire" at a soundstage here (after some urban explorer got caught urban exploring on the set).

And now we discover there is a real live cable channel based in our fair town. It's not quite ABC, NBC or one of those other major networks, but Retirement Living TV does have carriage deals with Comcast and DirecTV.

What is it, who's behind it?

"Retirement Living is television for Americans 55+. We inform you on topics including health, lifestyle, finance, and politics. We provide you with engaging stories about ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives. We inspire and involve you in order to improve your own life.

"Our roots are in Erickson Retirement Communities, the National Institutes of Health, non-profit research foundations, the University of Maryland's School of Aging Studies, and leading gerontologists across the country. We are the foremost experts on aging and seniors. We are the new voice of a generation under-served by the media industry. We hope to change not only the way you watch TV, but the way you live your life."

The company employs about 200, many of whom work in DC, New York, Hollywood and at a studio on the campus of the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

This is not your grandmother's 55+ TV. This week's lineup features sex, drugs and rock n' roll!

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