Thursday, October 25, 2007

Putting the Ed Back In Driver's Ed

Getting a learner's permit now means you have to stay in school, according to this story in WaPo. Fortunately, all members of the Columbia Talk team are regular attendees...

"Educators and motor vehicle officials have teamed up to enforce a new state law that is the latest strategy to deter habitual truancy.

"The measure, which took effect Oct. 1, denies a learner's permit to students younger than 16 who have more than 10 unexcused absences during the prior school semester.

"Whether they are in public or private school or are home-schooled, teens must submit a certified, sealed school attendance form as part of their application. The MVA will not accept forms from students if they show evidence of tampering or alteration, agency spokesman Buel Young said. The law likely will affect thousands of teenagers, based on the fact that last budget year more than 14,500 16-year-olds received provisional driver's licenses.

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Dinosaur Mom said...

Didja hear the thing on WTOP yesterday about how they're having trouble enforcing a law in VA about drivers getting out of the way of emergency vehicles? Wasn't that part of evry single human being's driver's ed? This place.