Monday, December 17, 2007

Bust Goes The Holiday Budget

Every year, we go through the same holiday shopping rituals. We start way early and snag the large or hard-to-find items at reasonable prices, in an orderly fashion, and then sit back in smug contentment and rest on our laurels....

Until this week, when we suddenly panic over the realization there are still stockings to fill, friends to remember, pets to reward.

And bust goes the budget...

So we'd thought we'd pass on this calendar reminder from the Columbia Association, and wish they had something like this for the bigger boys and girls among us.

The Columbia Association and the Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County are joining together to host a Junior Achievement Economics for Success program, titled Money Matters Club: Young Energetic Savvy. This is a seven-week program for sixth, seventh and eighth-grade girls. Young women will be introduced to various skills, interests and values that will aid them in making healthy education, career and personal finance decisions in the future.

Classes will meet every Tuesday from 4 to 5pm at the Columbia Teen Center beginning January 8. To register, please call (410) 992-3726.

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