Friday, December 21, 2007

Mass Transit Mass Development

We've often wondered why Howard County hasn't done more to capitalize on mass transit. Then we read in the Flier this week that there's a plan afoot to turn the parking lot next to the Savage MARC commuter rail station into a major commercial and residential development.

"The Maryland Board of Public Works approved a measure Dec. 12 to allow the state to donate the lot to Annapolis-based developer Petrie Ross Ventures LLC, which is slated to build a mixed-use community at the rail stop that state officials are hailing as a new model of "smart growth" development," the Flier reported.

"However, the project will not move forward until Howard County approves a plan to create a special taxing district that would target revenue from property taxes collected at the development to pay for a parking garage at the site, said Phillip Ross, owner and president of Petrie Ross Ventures."

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