Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Poinsettia Protest

Who says Columbians got no passion? Just try messin' with their poinsettia tree. WaPo columnist Marc Fisher says a couple hundred folks bearing poinsettia plants showed up at the mall this past weekend to express their displeasure over the mall's decision to dispense with the holiday tradition.

Mall Senior General Manager Karen Geary "agreed to meet with a delegation of Tree lovers," Fisher writes. "But the meeting didn't move her. The mall has given away The Tree's steel frame, which is now decorated with lights as part of the Symphony of Lights show that benefits Howard County General Hospital. Geary says the mall is " donating the money it used to spend on The Tree to Habitat for Humanity."

" 'The Poinsettia Tree doesn't define the community,' she said. 'The people define the community.'

" But the people want their Poinsettia Tree back. That's something Geary should understand.

" 'I remember when I was a kid,' she said, 'and we would go from Milwaukee to Chicago to go put our noses to the windows of Marshall Field's on State Street and look at the wonderful displays, and look at the Christmas trees in the Walnut Room and in the atrium. Well, now there are escalators in that atrium.'

" She paused, and then, to her credit, told the rest of her story:

" 'The Walnut Room still has the tree, even though it's now Macy's. I can close my eyes and see the big tree now.' "

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Michelle said...

This is just another example of GGP and big developers ruining the quality of life in Columbia. They are ruining our holiday traditions, village centers, and jamming our roads with traffic by presenting false traffic studies for the new comp and wegmans. I am getting so sick and tired of all of this. I wish Ulman and the rest of council would put residents first and not big developers.