Monday, December 10, 2007

River Hill Loses A Little Green

The Sun had an interesting story over the weekend about county's reforestation requirements. It seems a developer cut down a stand for a new 11-home subdivision near River Hill and then replaced them with trees planted far away near Howard's border with Carroll and Frederick counties.

The new trees "are to be planted on the 130-acre Talley Farm in Woodbine, where John Talley has agreements with about a half-dozen developers to allow planting to meet reforestation requirements," the Sun reported. Talley's on-site landscape company handles the work.

" 'I can understand why a homeowner would like to see a tree put back in their backyard,' Talley said. 'But we're talking about environmental issues and water quality that affects all of us. In reality, the people of River Hill are benefiting from the trees planted on our farm. The trees are producing oxygen and absorbing carbon monoxide from all the cars.' "

Who needs shade and natural beauty anyways?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many trees were cut down to build their home? I find it a little humorous that someone in River Hill is complaining about trees being cut down for development. They should move over to the east side of Columbia. We have trees galore!