Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Money To Rebuild But Not Operate?

This is one of those bits of news that made us go, huh?

The Sun had a story on CA's decision to rebuild the old Woodlawn Slave Quarters, believed to be the oldest surviving structure of its kind in the state.

Now that the Columbia Association has rebuilt the partially collapsed, vine-covered remains of the Woodlawn Slave Quarters, advocates for the historic property are faced with a new question.

What can they do with it?

The Columbia Association has always intended the two-room stone cottage, which stands off Bendix Road on a piece of its open space property, to be an educational resource for the community. Now it is seeking motivated people and new funding to make that happen.

Barbara Kellner, manager of the Columbia Archives, is quoted as saying plans to connect the structure, rehabilitated at a cost of $225,000, to walking paths and add interpretive exhibits are just that for now -- plans.

The walking path and other plans are "years away," she said, "but opening on special occasions throughout the year is a very doable short-term goal.

Later, CA President Maggie Brown addresses the question of funding.

..."our view would be to continue to help with this project." There is room in the next fiscal year budget for some additional funds, she said, but other benefactors need to step in as well.

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