Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome Dog Talk

Sophie, our wonder lab, was very glad to hear this news:

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I just launched a blog called Columbia Dog Talk at I didn't discover yours until after I named mine, so I hope I'm not confusing the blogosphere with the name.

I was interested in this particular note since I'll be compiling area walks and hoping to put some maps together. I have a list of about 25-30 walks that we're exploring and the list should be useful even for those without dogs. We also started a dog walk group through Meetup called Columbia Dogs-on-the-Go, at

We'll paw-mark the site in our favorites list.

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elisa kamens said...

Hello Everyone,

My name is Elisa Kamens...........I welcome you all to our grand opening on May 10th from 1 till 4...........We have 6000 square feet of a French themed Doggie Daycare , Grooming , Boarding for club memembers only......The center is called Club Pooche ...located at 9147 Red Branch Rd. Hope to see you all soon, Elisa