Monday, May 5, 2008

So This Nonprofit Walks Into A Bar...

The Examiner tells the tale of how a nonprofit cancer group came to the rescue of the Greene Turtle:

A mistake by a Columbia sports bar could be a boon for the Ulman Cancer Fund.

In a highly unusual case, The Greene Turtle, which failed to renew its permanent liquor license, can stay open this month, thanks to two temporary licenses granted to the nonprofit, started by Howard County Executive Ken Ulman’s brother.

The business can serve alcohol, while the nonprofit reaps the proceeds from the alcohol sales.

“I think it turned out to be a really nice solution that acknowledges everyone’s concerns,” said Thomas Meachum, attorney for The Greene Turtle in Columbia.

The owner at The Greene Turtle hit a snag renewing the liquor license recently when the local resident on the licenses — needed to obtain a license — moved to Arizona, Meachum said.

Facing about two weeks without a license while they reapplied for a renewal, they came up with a solution. The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, a nonprofit in Columbia, could obtain a temporary license.

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