Monday, June 23, 2008

More Folks Carpool, But Where To Park?

The Sun says the commuter parking lots are filling up, prompting county officials to scramble for options. Commuters are complaining that there are no free spaces by 8 a.m. at the 300-space lots on Broken Land and Route 32. Meanwhile, the County Executive Ken Ulman wants to expand a lot on Snowden River and Route 175.

The plan would add 50 spaces, said county spokesman Kevin Enright. The lot has 210 spaces now.

Though the lots are state-owned, the county is willing to pay for the changes so that they can be completed in the next few weeks, Ulman said.

"The issue from my perspective is that gas prices are over $4," he said. "This is the time that we should be encouraging mass-transit ridership and finding more opportunities to increase that ridership in any way we can."

The State Highway Administration has given the county permission to install bike racks at the Snowden River lot, Ulman said, and the county's Department of Public Works has agreed to hasten a project approved in the capital budget to close a gap in the sidewalk leading up to the lot so that people can walk to it.

And while we are on the subject of parking, here's a reminder: Parking fines in HoCo for violating handicap rules go up from $150 to $350 on July 1.


Anonymous said...

No one listens, No One. The proble with mass transit is that it's not safe! When, When will elected people get a clue about this factor?

JessieX said...

I notice an excess of parking space over in Columbia Crossing, which is conveniently located right off Rt. 175 near I-95. The Staples and Dick's parking areas are rarely filled beyond 40% capacity ... even in the Christmas shopping season. As well, the parking on the other side of the street, near the Vitamin Shoppe, is also rarely filled.

Perhaps the gubment function responsible for addressing this parking space shortage could, instead of creating more environmentally assaulting parking lots and impermeable surfaces, purchase some parking rights from the endless grayfield at Columbia Crossing; they could then designate specific spots for commuters. I've heard pleas for commuter buses that depart from Columbia a little bit later in the morning, so perhaps this Columbia Crossing spot could become a second commuter grand central, of sorts.

Doug S said...

A coworker and I carpool, leaving his car at the Brokenland lot. I can tell what time he gets there (6:35am-6:45am) based on where he's parked at.

AND- there was marked increase in the # of cars there once gas prices hit $4.00. I know it sure motivates me to get up in the morning, to make sure I meet up with him for the morning pickup.

JessieX said...

A great solution to commuting woes: