Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rites Of Summer: BMX

Columbia Compass has a fun post on the joys of being a BMX pioneer.

Twenty years, no make that twenty-five years ago, I was deep into Bicycle Moto-Cross (BMX). Like most that grew up in the 1970’s, I learned to ride a bicycle with a banana seat and a sissy bar. As I grew up, I progressed to a Schwinn Sting-Ray with five-speed gear shifter, front shocks, and a rear disc brake. That thing weighed, I would guess, 70 pounds. During this time, it was commonplace for us Wilde Lake neighbor kids to cobble together cinder blocks and plywood to emulate every young boy’s hero, Evel Knievel. Over time, I graduated to the ten-speed.

Then something happened. I found my way back to the smaller 20” single speed bikes. These bikes were made of stronger, lightweight metals. They could take a pounding. They were highly maneuverable and FUN TO RIDE.

Boy that takes us back. We were never into BMX per se, but we lived on our bikes. We rode all over town, and even took a trip or two along sleepy 108 to Tridelphia Reservoir (don't try that today kids). Recently, we pulled the bikes out of the garage to ride over to the club in the cool mornings.

Baby, there's nothing like it.

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