Friday, June 27, 2008

Thinking About Bridges

We always enjoy stories about interesting people and companies in our midst. Frederick Gottemoeller, president of Bridgescape LLC in Columbia, is one such person. According to the Sun, the bridge architect recently was recognized by the International Bridge Conference for his work on a new bridge in the city of Hamilton in southwestern Ohio -- earning him the Eugene C. Figg Jr. Medal for Signature Bridges. There, he worked with the community to come up with a design they could be proud of.

Cool enough. But what caught our eye was this:

"The best bridges mix science with aesthetics," he said.

As the architect of the recently completed Woodrow Wilson Bridge over the Potomac River - a 12-lane replacement project that was highly an issue within its communities - he employed similar techniques, he said.

"That bridge connects Alexandria, Va., to Prince George's County, Md. - two somewhat disparate communities with different viewpoints," he said.

Residents settled on a raised bridge with two-thirds of its openings able to accommodate the passage of recreational vessels, but kept a drawbridge that opens during restricted hours.

"I got a lot of satisfaction out of defusing that tension," he said.

We wonder if Mr. Gottemoeller has any ideas about that bridge General Growth would like to build over Lake K. as its grand new entrance downtown?


Hayduke said...

He does have an idea about the downtown to OM bridge: Buses only.

Elvis said...

Sometimes you have to sacrifice for your art. I mean, I never did, but that's what I've heard.

wordbones said...

Fred is a former neighbor of mine from when I lived in Town Center. He and his wife Pat were great neighbors.

It is nice to see him get this well deserved recognition.